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The Baltimore Banner, turning two, celebrates a subscriber bump and a new education hub  ➚
Is the news industry ready for another pivot to video?
 ▪ Aggregate data from 47 countries shows all the growth in platform news use coming from video or video-led networks.
Many people don’t pay full price for their news subscription. Most don’t want to pay anything at all
 ▪ Is increasing subscriber numbers by offering people rock-bottom trial prices sustainable?
What’s in a successful succession? Nonprofit news leaders on handing the reins to the next guard
 ▪ “Any organization that is dependent on having a founder around is inherently unsustainable.”
Worldwide, news publishers face a “platform reset”
 ▪ Some findings from RISJ’s 2024 Digital News Report.
The strange history of white journalists trying to “become” Black
 ▪ “To believe that the richness of Black identity can be understood through a temporary costume trivializes the lifelong trauma of racism. It turns the complexity of Black life into a stunt.”
Business Insider’s owner signed a huge OpenAI deal. ChatGPT still won’t credit the site’s biggest scoops
 ▪ “We are…deeply worried that despite this partnership, OpenAI may be downplaying rather than elevating our works,” Business Insider’s union wrote in a letter to management.
How Newslaundry worked with its users to make its journalism more accessible
 ▪ “If you’re doing it, do it properly. Don’t just add a few widgets, or overlay products and embeds, and call yourself accessible.”
How YouTube’s recommendations pull you away from news
 ▪ Plus: News participation is declining, online and offline; making personal phone calls could help with digital-subscriber churn; and partly automated news videos seem to work with audiences.
Apple brings free call recording and transcription to iPhones; journalists rejoice
 ▪ “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.”
What can The Wall Street Journal’s new ad campaign tell us about its future?
 ▪ The new brand campaign is aimed at younger versions of existing Journal readers. The various “It’s Your Business” ads center some of the newsroom’s edgier and more evergreen journalism.
“Neither feast nor famine”: In 2023, nonprofit news continued to grow — but the audience picture is more complicated
 ▪ While the sector is still growing, that growth is slowing, by some metrics. And audience data for 2023 shows that across all outlets surveyed, average monthly web traffic fell.
Scenes from the trial of Ozy’s Carlos Watson
 ▪ Ozy’s Instagram account is calling for supporters to pack the courtroom as “Justice Watchers.”
Farewell to Climate Nexus, an inbox stalwart  ➚
“If it’s good for the company now, work with them”: The Atlantic CEO on signing a deal with OpenAI  ➚
People don’t trust the news media to use generative AI responsibly, RISJ finds  ➚
Does curiosity make you read more hard news? How about anxiety?
 ▪ A new study finds that certain personality traits might make you exaggerate — or underestimate — how much political news you consume.
We always thought The Epoch Times was sketchy, but this is really something  ➚
For most news outlets, Trump’s conviction was front-page news. What about local chains?  ➚
What’s in a byline? For Hoodline’s AI-generated local news, everything — and nothing
 ▪ None of the AI writers seems to have a specific beat, except possibly for what can be best described as “police exploits,” which they all cover with gusto.